Luxury Architectural Design

“I cannot live without books” said Thomas Jefferson. There are many people looking for luxury Architectural design and expecting to find homes with libraries and/or a study that incorporates shelving and reading space. Many rooms will do but reading in a room with big windows and lots of light is refreshing. Storing books in natural light may be harmful to them so many libraries are planned in luxury Architectural design to feature recessed or under-shelving lighting. Similarly, recessed or built-in bookshelves can provide floor-to-ceiling storage and space saving. Bookshelves can be tucked under staircases or hung on the wall or even free-standing or designed in some other out of the way space but in a library or study is optimum.

Antique books that you want to preserve are often stored in glass cases in homes of luxury Architectural design. One desirable feature in homes of this type is a library ladder. The ladder is used to reach upper shelves and a rolling ladder adds an elegant, whimsical touch. The ladder attaches to the shelf on a tracking rod and the ladder bottom has wheels to allow effortless movement from one end of the library to the other. In a luxury Architectural designed home library there is often room for a desk, special bookshelves for large tomes and a large comfortable couch or chairs that beckon guests. Space for reading, collecting, and displaying may all be found in luxury Architectural design creating the chance for an intellectual center.

Many luxury home planners, ie. Architects/Designers, will incorporate an area on the luxury home plan layout for a swimming pool. When considering building a pool along with your luxury home plan take a few moments to consider the following. The first consideration is the dynamic and expansive soil conditions that may be present in the location where your luxury home plan will be constructed. Just like choosing a builder, choosing a pool contractor who has experience with structural integrity and building with conservative standards will help your project last longer and have fewer problems in the future. Always discuss with your luxury home plan builder and your pool contractor access areas and locations, the need for elevation changes and how to address them and utility locations and drainage. Determining the best strategy initially will save you time and money once the projects are underway. Review and agree on budgets in advance. Be sure your builder and your contractor for the pool know your expectations in advance with clear and detailed communications. Look for builders and pool contractors with experience in your area. Ask about warranties.