What to Look For in a Photo Book Printing Company

With hundreds of photo book printing companies online these days, it can be difficult to decide which one to trust with your precious memories. Here’s a few tips from us to help you work it out.

  • Photo Book design software – First of all, you need photobook software that can be found online. If you are using a Mac, you need to make sure that the company has software available for your operating system. Some companies will make you send them a cd of photos to them, and design it for you. This can be a time saver, but the choice should be yours. You need to be able to have control over the creative process, without having to spend a fortune paying designers!
  • Easy to use software – The software should be simple to use and able to guide you through the process. Is there a manual or online help available to guide you through the process? This is important to know before you start investing your time in creating a photo book.
  • Creative and flexible editing options – Your photo book editing software should allow you to modify each photograph separately with different background, texture and colour. There are a lot of photo effects and backgrounds to choose from. Simple tools such as cropping and image editing should be available. It should allow you to select various layouts for your pages.
  • Printing quality – After you invest the time and effort in taking your photos and designing your photobook, you would not want to waste it on poor quality printing. Make sure that your photo books will be printed to the highest standards.   The texture of colour should be such that it brings life in the picture. The quality of paper to be used is also an important factor which decides how beautiful and clear the print out would be. The cover of the book is normally either made of soft or hard binding. In both the cases the quality of colour and texture should be carefully matched so that it creates a long lasting impression.
  • Printing technology – It is better if your photo book printer uses the latest digital offset printing technologies. Your printing company should allow you to add extra pages to your photobook as desired.

Good photobooks, when printed by high quality printing companies, should last you a lifetime. Make sure your precious memories get the best home available!