Why Photo Books Are Going to Be Bigger Than Elvis

Are photo books going to be as big as Elvis? Well, one thing is for sure, photo books hold amazing potential. Keen photographers can use the whole photo book concept to make a photo business that blows everything else out of the water. Or, potentially at least. So lets find out why.

The first thing to realize is that books rock! You know when you sit down in someone’s home and they have these wonderful coffee table photography books lying around. The first thing you do is pick one up and start browsing through it… Well, photo books are similar – just more of a low cost variety (albeit still great photos enclosed!)

And with custom photo books (design the book yourself, or drop your photos into a ready made template), you get these great benefits:

o Add your own unique photos to a professionally bound, high quality paper book.
o Create a photo book fast and often within days of a photo shoot (such as a wedding shoot).
o Personalize your photo book with different backgrounds and layouts, and personalized covers.
o Use photo books to present and market your business (such as a portfolio for a graphic designer, wedding photographer or interior designer).
o Use a hard cover, padded photo cover, or a fabric or leather photo cover.

Good photography has a lot to do with ‘how’ you present your photography. And once you have a series of great photos, why leave them online? This forces folks to go to a website to see your work – but what if they don’t have Internet access? This is where the custom photo book looks even more promising.

Not only are you preserving (and sharing) your digital photo memories, you can create photo book gifts for special occasions. Just been traveling? Why not add your best travel images to a book and share it with family and friends? Think of the potential – wedding photo albums, children’s memories, a day (or week or year) in your families life.

And if you’re thinking the cost is prohibitive, then what about offering your photo book for sale too? Add titles, some poetry and words, and you have a completely unique book that’s one-of-a-kind, and ‘home made’ too!